Optimal Down Payment Excel Template

This user-friendly template allows you to adapt the case study calculations in the book "Optimal Down Payment" to your individual situation, while saving significant time and effort.

This handy Excel template was designed to help users: 1) Determine an affordable home price; 2) Calculate an optimal down payment on a home purchase; and 3) Develop a low-risk plan for paying off a mortgage before its maturity date.

The template contains educational material from the book, "Optimal Down Payment" as well as a fully automated and customized written analysis report, a precise loan amortization and savings schedule for your situation, quality graphs for visual analysis, and much more.

As of this writing, the template is the first and only workbook where you can apply the Long-Term Home Loan Cost and Risk Minimization Model with ease and convenience.

For a free demo, please contact Ken at: economicsunrise@gmail.com.

Note: This template is copyrighted and shall not be copied, resold, republished nor disseminated without permission of the author.

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